L.V. Lomas is driven by the expertise of more than 300 qualified professionals in locations across Canada and the U.S.

We are one of North America's leading distributors of chemicals and ingredients, raw materials and packaging products. Since our founding in 1960 by Lloyd V. Lomas, L.V. Lomas has remained privately-held and proudly independent.

We attract the best

Beyond our product line, we are distinguished by the friendly, technically astute and industry-conversant people that help our customers tackle thousands of challenges annually. We’ve always sought out and invested in the industry’s top talents; they’ve made Lomas what we are today.

Partnership: Our version

Continuous product innovation and development is key to the competitive edge of our customers. To aid them in this journey, we’ve tied our own prosperity to theirs. Driving advancement, initiating new ideas, devising better ways to make and get products to market more efficiently, cultivating trouble-free business relationships – for L.V. Lomas, these are the ingredients of lasting partnerships.