Our World Class Principals are our Business

L.V. Lomas has been in the ingredients, raw materials and packaging products distribution business for over 50 years. The backbone of our business has always been the strength of our Principal supplier-partners. Our philosophy has been to partner with the "best in class" manufacturers and producers, with a global reach and a technical leadership position which offers innovation and application support. In seeking these partnerships, we look for market expertise and the best possible fit to avoid overlap in our product offering.

50 Years in Business

L.V. Lomas' Marketing Managers are assigned to each principal to be a focal point of contact for all commercial activities. Our team of Marketing Managers are seasoned professionals with an intimate knowledge of the applications and clients in a variety of industries.

In picking our partners, we strive to become a true extension of their marketing and sales operations across North America. Furthermore, we offer a full range of integrated services for total distribution solution channel management.

To find out more about how L.V. Lomas can be your channel to market, please contact us at 1-800-575-3382

Purity pigments for the pharmaceutical industry

TIOXIDE® Purity pigments are important excipients for achieving outstanding products within the pharmaceutical industry.

TIOXIDE® Purity pigments are derived from natural sources to help create effective pharmaceutical formulations (as classified by NATCOL).  They are created with care to deliver whiteness and opacity.  Manufactured with tightly controlled particle size distribution, our Purity pigments help you to achieve product consistency in terms of color, opacity and surface texture.  Simple to use and easy to disperse and incorporate into your products, our Purity pigments help protect your valuable active ingredients from the damaging effects of light, helping extend product shelf life.

We operate to world class standards

TIOXIDE® Purity pigments are manufactured and managed to conform with all main pharmaceutical directives and regulations.

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